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Lyon serves as an important trade hub linking southern and northern Europe, it is the third-largest city in France. Traditionally a major tourism destination, Lyon has also emerged as an appealing venue for exhibitions and trade shows in Europe.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind the growing prominence of Lyon in the exhibition industry. Also, we will discuss why hiring exhibition stand contractors in Lyon, especially those who are based in the city makes sense for Exhibitors.

Lyon’s Status as a Trade and Exhibition Hub:

While Paris remains the dominant city for major French and European exhibitions, Lyon has carved a niche for itself by hosting mid-sized to large B2B trade fairs catering to industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, optics, and more. Some key factors contributing to Lyon’s rise as an exhibition hub include:

Strategic Location-

Lyon is well-connected by roads, rail, and air links to major French and European cities. The prime location of the city makes participation more convenient.

Large Exhibition Infrastructure-

Lyon is home to some of the best-equipped and largest exhibition venues in France outside of Paris. Key venues include Eurexpo Lyon, Centre de Congrès Lyon, and Parc des Expositions de Lyon.

Supportive Local Government-

The regional and city administrations view the MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) sector as an important contributor to the local economy.

Skilled Workforce-

A large talent pool of skilled professionals experienced in managing events is always available in Lyon.

Tourism Destination-

Combining trade events with tourism offers attended value. Many combine work with leisure trips for family/partners.

Why Hire an Exhibition Stand Contractor from Lyon?

For companies seeking to effectively promote and network at trade show booths in Lyon, engaging a local exhibition stand contractor is highly recommended for these reasons:

Familiarity with Venue Requirements and Logistics-

Experienced exhibition stand builders in Lyon are intimately familiar with the technical specifications and operational procedures at the major exhibition venues.

They can navigate bureaucratic processes more smoothly, taking care of requirements regarding:

  • Safety norms.
  • Structure designs.
  • Electricity.
  • Internet access.
  • Furniture rental.

Additionally, they have proven expertise in event logistics like:

  • Transportation.
  • Loading/unloading.
  • Waste disposal, etc.

Compliance with French Regulations-

Similar to other industries, exhibitions in France have comprehensive statutory compliances regarding construction materials, fire safety standards, digital displays, and more.

Local contractors understand these nuances better, mitigating risks for foreign exhibitors and ensuring fully legitimate stands.

Cost Effectiveness-

Contractors based in Lyon can source materials and services locally at lower prices in many cases versus international firms having to deal with additional freight and customs.

Language and Cultural Support-

The ability to converse fluently in French as well as familiarity with cultural norms gives Lyon-based contractors an edge when it comes to liaising with venue staff, suppliers, guests, and potential buyers.

Fast Response and Reliability-

Having local operations, Lyon contractors can respond promptly to queries, deliver projects on time, and be available for on-site support throughout exhibitions if issues arise.

Proximity also allows for timely repairs, modifications, or additions during events versus delays if outsourcing abroad.

Post-event Services-

Local firms provide seamless storage and retrieval of exhibition aspects that often go overlooked. They make re-use for future shows hassle-free versus companies having to arrange international shipments.

Builds Continuity and Trust-

Regular use of the same custom exhibition stand company in Lyon deepens understanding of client needs and fosters reliable long-term working relationships. This improves stand designs every time to maximize branding impact.

Key Factors to Consider When Hiring an Exhibition Stand Contractor:

While the above reasons highlight the merits of choosing a contractor based locally in Lyon, companies should do due diligence to hire the right partner. Here are some factors to evaluate potential contractors against:


Check years of experience in exhibition contracting and the number/scale of past projects handled successfully. Consider case studies.


Ensure core competencies match event type/industry to meet the technical and regulatory needs of specific shows.

Design Capabilities-

Assess graphic, 3D modeling, and fabrication skills to create visually appealing stands with interactive features.


Inspect facilities/machinery available for storage, logistical support capabilities, and booth construction in Lyon

Quality Assurance-

Inquire about processes to assure design quality, safe construction practices, on-time delivery, and aftercare.

Client References-

Contact references for feedback on service quality, cost-effectiveness, problem-solving, and relationship management skills.


Compare pricing strategies, additional cost transparency, and capacity to value-engineer within budget constraints.

Online Presence-

Evaluate website SEO-friendliness, digital content quality, and social media engagement levels.

Regulatory Compliance-

Confirm expertise complies with legal, health, and IP protection guidelines enforced by event organizers.

Concluding Remarks:

For companies participating recurrently in key Lyon-based events, hiring an experienced local trade show booth design company in Lyon offers myriad tangible and intangible benefits compared to outsourcing from abroad.

Prospective clients are advised to perform careful vetting to identify suitably qualified Lyon-based partners that can deliver designs, compliance, and support to optimally meet their marketing and ROI goals at trade shows.

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