Useful Packing Tips for Hajj & Umrah

Useful Packing Tips for Hajj & Umrah

Here is an in-depth breakdown of everything you need to bring for your Hajj & Umrah trip. Other than the basic necessities, don’t feel compelled to bring everything on this list; instead, only bring what you truly need. Please keep in mind that plenty of these products can be found at local stores in Makkah and Madinah, so you have that choice if you prefer to travel light. The Umrah cost from UK can vary depending on various factors such as travel dates, package inclusions, and accommodation choices.

Travel Essentials

Passport Including Visa Documentation

Your passport is going to be taken by the Hajj officials when you arrive in Saudi Arabia and will be handed back to you whenever you leave.

Proof Of Immunisation 

All pilgrims from all nations are required to present a current proof of vaccination to avoid quadrivalent meningococcal meningitis (A/C/Y/W135). You may be required to have current proof of your polio & yellow fever vaccines, according to the place you’re from.

Passport-Size Images

They can be required for paperwork and other processes along the way.

Arabic Riyals

When you arrive in Saudi Arabia, bring at least 450 riyals (£100, $120), that will cover your immediate costs while you get used to exchanging money locally.


Take enough cash with you to pay your expenses. Create a budget prior leaving. When you arrive in Saudi Arabia, you may convert your money at the airport, at regional banks, or at money changers (Sarraf) in Makkah and Madinah (recommended).

Credit Or Debit Card

If your funds run out, you are able to utilise an ATM to take out cash.


Portable Quran

It’s easier to have a printed version of the Quran even though copies are going to be accessible in the mosque. You won’t have to get up to look for a copy or return it, which could result in you losing your place in the mosque. Instead, you can stay still while doing so. Before using the loo, remember to take it out of your pocket.

Dua Book

There are several small books that you may bring with you that have requests from the Quran and the Sunnah that you can recite as you travel.

To ensure that you understand the significance of the Duas you are saying, choose those Dua books that include translations for every supplication.

Dua List

Create a list of the supplications you want to offer along your travel, particularly on the Day of Arafat, in a notepad written in your local tongue.

Specify all the duas and prayers you’d like to offer, such as:

  • The Prophet
  • Our revered ancestors
  • Yourself
  • Your relatives and family
  • The entire Muslim world, particularly those who are in need everywhere
  • Individuals who have passed away

Digital Dhikr Counter Or Tasbeeh

Dhikr counters are really useful.

Tasbeeh With Seven Beads

To record how many circuits you make between Tawaf and Sa’i.

Worship Mat

Given the traffic or crowds, it may be utilised outside the Haram or on public streets. It may serve as both a sun shield and be quite practical when travelling for Hajj & Umrah. Travel prayer mats which are small enough for placement in your pocket or backpack can be purchased.

The Qibla’s Compass

It can be required when travelling.


Hard-Shell Suitcase

It is advised to use a high-quality luggage with a sturdy case & an integrated locking mechanism. Avoid using soft, vinyl suitcases because thieves or people with bad intentions might effortlessly rip them open. Don’t bring your favourite or most costly suitcase because it is likely to get jostled and worn out throughout the trip. A medium-sized luggage with a maximum length of 70 cm is recommended. It might be very challenging to travel with excessively large luggage.


Pack a small backpack or travel bag for your trip and stay among Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah if you’re undertaking the Hajj.

Ihram X 2 In Clothing And Accessories

A particularly thin cotton Ihram should be avoided since they can cling to you and be unpleasant if you perspire. It is recommended to wear heavier cotton clothing or towelling (terry-cloth), which may afterwards be used as towels, blankets, etc. In the unlikely case the first set gets tainted, take a second set.

Clips And Safety Pins For Ihram

The upper Ihram garment may be secured with a safety/pin clip to prevent it from slipping off the shoulders.

Neck Or Waist Pouches

Secure your belongings in a high-quality neck or waist bag, including cash, papers, debit and credit cards, and keys. Always keep your pouch on you, and make sure you don’t leave your lodging without it. Keep an eye out for thieves and pickpockets, especially in crowded places. To prevent theft, keep your pouch close to you in crowded spaces. At the Haramain gateways in Makkah and Madinah, the officials have the right to check your pouch.

Final Words

It might be beneficial to have certain Islamic and travel apps on your smartphone for additional assistance. A checklist for preparing for the Hajj & Umrah makes the process much easier, particularly if it’s for the trip of a lifetime.

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