The Top 7 Best Chicken Feeders For Your Flock

Keeping chickens can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Whether you raise chickens for eggs, meat, or simply as pets, providing them with the right nutrition is crucial. That’s where a good chicken feeder comes into play. A well-designed chicken feeder can help you keep your chickens well-fed, reduce waste, and make your daily chicken-keeping chores a lot easier. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 7 best chicken feeders available on the market, ensuring that your feathered friends receive the nourishment they need.

7 Best Chicken Feeders For Your Flock

1. CoopWorx Treadle Feeder

CoopWorx offers a Treadle Feeder, which is another excellent option for those looking to minimize feed waste and prevent pests from accessing their chicken’s food. This feeder operates on a treadle system that only opens the feeding tray when a chicken steps on it. Redeem CoopWorx Coupon Code for massive savings on your purchase. 

What makes the CoopWorx Treadle Feeder unique is its durability and design. It’s built with galvanized steel, making it weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. This feeder can hold a substantial amount of feed and comes in various sizes to fit your flock’s needs. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to keep their chicken feed safe from rodents and other pests.

2. Grandpa’s Feeders

Grandpa’s Feeders are renowned for their innovation in reducing feed wastage. These feeders are designed to be rodent-resistant and are suitable for flocks of various sizes. The feed is dispensed automatically, ensuring that chickens have access to feed when they need it, but pests cannot access it.

The unique feature of Grandpa’s Feeders is their treadle design. Chickens step on a platform to access the feed, which keeps the feed covered and clean. These feeders can hold a significant amount of feed, reducing the frequency of refilling, and they come in different sizes to accommodate different flock sizes.

3. RentACoop Treadle Feeder

The RentACoop Treadle Feeder is another excellent option if you’re looking to reduce feed waste and keep pests away from your chicken’s food. This feeder operates on a treadle system that only opens the feeding tray when a chicken steps on it.

One of the key advantages of this feeder is its durability. It’s built with galvanized steel and is weather-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. It can hold a considerable amount of feed and comes in various sizes to fit your flock’s needs.

4. Little Giant Hanging Feeder

The Little Giant Hanging Feeder is a popular choice among chicken keepers. It’s made of rugged galvanized steel, which makes it durable and able to withstand the elements. The feeder’s design includes a gravity-feed system, which continuously dispenses feed as chickens eat.

This feeder is easy to fill and clean, and it’s available in different sizes to cater to various flock sizes. The anti-scratch vanes in the feeding tray reduce waste, ensuring that your chickens have access to fresh feed.

5. Harris Farms Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder

If you’re interested in a no-frills, straightforward feeder, the Harris Farms Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder is a great choice. It’s made of durable plastic and comes in multiple sizes to accommodate different flocks.

This feeder features a simple hanging design that keeps the feed off the ground, reducing the risk of contamination. The anti-scratch vanes prevent chickens from scattering feed all over the place, ensuring that more of the feed ends up in their beaks.

The Top 7 Best Chicken Feeders For Your Flock

6. Ware Manufacturing Chicken Feeder Trough

The Ware Manufacturing Chicken Feeder Trough is a traditional, no-nonsense feeder that’s both easy to use and easy to clean. It’s made of galvanized steel, which is resistant to rust and built to last.

This feeder has a long, trough-like design that can hold a substantial amount of feed. It’s particularly suitable for larger flocks. The open design makes it easy for multiple chickens to feed simultaneously, and it’s also relatively easy to see when the feed needs to be replenishing.

7. Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder with Rain Cover

The Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder is designing for those who prefer a no-waste, hassle-free feeding solution. This Australian-made feeder includes a rain cover that protects the feed from the elements, ensuring it stays dry and clean.

The unique feature of this feeder is its design, which prevents chickens from raking out feed with their beaks. The feed is place in a central hopper, and chickens access it through feeding ports. This design significantly reduces waste and keeps the feed fresh. It’s available in various sizes to accommodate different flock sizes.

Choosing the Right Feeder for Your Flock

Selecting the best chicken feeder for your flock depends on several factors, including the size of your flock, your budget, and the level of convenience you desire. Here are some key considerations to help you make the right choice:

  • Flock Size: Consider the number of chickens you have. Larger flocks may require feeders with higher capacity.
  • Feed Type: Some feeders are better suited for certain types of chicken feed, so be sure to check compatibility.
  • Weather Resistance: If your coop is exposed to the elements, choose a feeder that can withstand rain and sun.
  • Pest Control: If rodents are a concern in your area, opt for feeders with pest-resistant features like treadle systems.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Look for feeders that are easy to clean, as keeping the feeder clean is crucial for your chickens’ health.
  • Budget: Feeder prices vary, so find one that suits your budget while still meeting your needs. Whether you’re in search of chicken feeders, pet food, or any other pet-related items, ScoopCoupons is your trusted companion. It is a top choice for bigger discounts, helping you keep your furry and feathered friends happy without breaking the bank! 
  • Space: Consider the space available in your coop or run and choose a feeder that fits comfortably.

The Bottomline

Remember that a good chicken feeder not only keeps your flock well-fed but also minimizes waste and reduces the risk of attracting pests. With the right feeder, you can make chicken-keeping a more efficient and enjoyable experience for both you and your feathered friends.

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