Why Should You Consider a Site Tour after the Website Redesign

Businesses should often invest in website redesign to recolor certain elements and enhance their viability. Customers and online visitors will get bored of the same colors and icons. Moreover, these elements will reduce their functionality levels over time. Therefore, website redesigning becomes inevitable. Once done, you should consider a website tour to allow your online users to realize what has changed and what has been added. This post will explain why you should consider a site tour after the website redesign. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Importance of Website Tour After Redesigning:

Website redesigning can solve numerous problems for your business and customers. Your business can enjoy new digital marketing opportunities and scalability options. However, you should always allow your customers and potential visitors to realize your website’s changes and additions after relaunching it. A website tour is critical as it highlights the changes and essential website features that could help your visitors. Your customers should understand the full value and potential of website redesigning. A website tour is probably the best to follow after a redesign campaign. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this tour!

1. It highlights the changes:

Your newly launched website will demonstrate several changes; visitors should know it. How do you let them know about these changes? A website tour is probably the best idea! There can be a natural visitor resistance that you must address after launching your redesigned website. Besides, some of your regular visitors will require an adjustment period when they visit your new website. These points force you to highlight and let your audience know the altered features.

The location of the member login and several popular links might have changed during the redesign process. A website tour will help visitors locate these locations easily. Moreover, it will highlight other key features and areas that were changed during the website redesign.

2. Introduce important features:

What if you have added new features to your website during the redesign process? Chances are they have added new features, and you should let your online visitors know about them. The website tour should inform them about these changes since these new features are added to solve your customers’ problems. Moreover, the tour should also explain how these new features can help your customers.

A website redesign is a comprehensive procedure with lots of changes and alterations. It would be best to make it effective by hiring the best website design company in Dubai, as they know how to excel. Launch a site tour to introduce the newly added features.

3. It highlights branding and positioning:

What if your website redesign introduces a new brand or brand refresh? Your audience will never know about it unless you announce it in a website tour. A site tour is probably the best way to introduce this tour and highlight your branding and positioning attempts. You can also spotlight your website features that bring out your brand. What would be the effect of your brand on the local community? Never ignore this point in the tour!

How can your brand make a difference in the society? Once your website redesign is completed, you can launch a tour and explain these points in the clip. Allow your users to participate in the website tour to understand your efforts.

4. Draw attention to selling pages:

A website tour is a perfect way to drive traffic to your product and service pages. You can exploit a site tour and use the links to your product and service pages to increase CTR. You can also highlight who can benefit from your products and services and why people should purchase them.

Your website tour will also highlight significant navigation changes from the old website to the new one. You can spotlight essential items and product comparison charts. The more comprehensive the website tour, the better!

5. Showcase conversion-focused features:

Do you want to showcase strategic elements related to your business goals? You can focus on a website tour and tell your audience about the conversion-focused features. If your website is not highly conversion-focused, you should change things to make it one. It would be best to highlight areas where visitors can take the next step.

Let your users know how easy it is to fill out applications and take the next step. Doing so will help you increase the conversion rate of your website. You can also achieve this goal by focusing on website redesigning. Hire a professional website design company and let experts help you!

Redesign your website for a better outcome!

Website redesigning could be a perfect strategy to convert customers and drive sales. You can launch a website tour and inform your audience about the new changes and features. Also, you must explain how these changes will help your customers. The more comprehensive the website tour, the better the results!

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