See What is Consumption Disease, It’s Types, Causes & Symptoms

See What is Consumption Disease, It’s Types, Causes & Symptoms

The consumption disease can be considered as a health issue that was extremely deadly during the ancient days. Lack of proper knowledge and effective medications has resulted in a lot of deaths during those times. However, currently the consumption disease scenario has changed a lot and medical science has learned effective techniques to control this illness.

Here, we will understand what is consumption disease, its types, causes & symptoms. Gathering a clear understanding about different ailments is indeed very important. Knowing the causes of an illness will help you to prevent its occurrence to a great extent. Likewise, understanding the symptoms correctly will assist in early diagnosis.

In the same manner, having a solid idea about the treatment options will help you to take the medications correctly without any error. Here, we will explore all such important details regarding the consumption disease. So, if you are eager to understand the different aspects of this illness, then please keep on reading.

Learn what is consumption disease

Consumption disease is actually a contagious infection where the lungs of the patients get affected. In severe cases, this lung infection can also travel to other locations of the body, like the spine and brain. Many people might not be accustomed to the name consumption disease. This health issue is also known by the name – Tuberculosis or TB. This illness is induced by a bacteria named Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The first occurance of the consumption disease took place in ancient Greece and Rome. Based on that data, we can ascertain that this bacteria is around 3 million years old. Thus, this bacteria has been torturing mankind with the consumption disease for quite a long time now. In fact, during the start of the 20th century, consumption disease was considered to be the main cause of death in the United States of America.

Currently, we will be able to see a much better scenario in the US. For example, now consumption disease is largely controlled in this country because of the advancements in the medical sector. However, despite these medical improvements, almost a million people worldwide lose their precious lives every year because of the consumption disease.

Nowadays, the consumption disease is mostly found in people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Their weak immunity power makes them extremely susceptible to this tuberculosis bacteria. This is also seen in people who have other immune system disorders which gives them low levels of immunity. Thus, we still have a lot of work to do in the successful management of the consumption disease or tuberculosis.

Consumption Disease Types

We saw correctly what is consumption disease. Now, let us understand the different types of consumption disease properly.

1. Primary TB

2. Latent TB

3. Active TB

4. Active TB outside the lungs

    A detailed overview of each of these consumption disease types is given below:

    Primary TB

    The first stage of the consumption disease infection is termed as Primary TB. If your immune system is well developed, then it might fight off the TB germs during the Primary TB stage. However, if the immune system is weak, it will not be able to destroy all the TB germs entirely. Some people will not reveal any TB symptoms during this phase. However, others might show some flu-like symptoms.

    Latent TB

    In this case, you will be having TB germs in your body. However, your immune system will prevent their spreading, and you will not see any symptoms. You will not be contagious in the Latent TB type. However, the infection will be alive in your body, and it always carries the chances of becoming active one day. Some people might have a high risk for TB reactivation. In that case, active TB preventing medicines must be taken.

    Active TB

    In the Active TB illness, the germs will multiply to a great extent in your body. This will eventually make you sick and you will be experiencing all the different symptoms of TB. Apart from that, you will also carry immense chances of spreading the TB illness to others. Several reports indicate that almost 90% of active TB cases in adults develop from a latent infection.

    Active TB outside the lungs

    In this case, the tuberculosis infection will be spreading to the other areas of your body. This condition is called extrapulmonary tuberculosis, and the symptoms will vary depending upon the affected areas.

    Causes of Consumption Ailment

    To understand properly what is consumption disease, we must take a look at the causes of this disease.

    As we have already stated, this illness is induced by the bacteria : Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacteria has the capacity to spread through the air. So, if you come in contact with a person who already has TB illness, then your chances of acquiring the TB condition becomes very high.

    Whenever a TB patient sneezes, coughs, talks, sings, or laughs, they release tiny droplets into the air. These droplets contain germs and if they breathe in these germs, they can easily become infected.

    Consumption disease symptoms

    Now that we understood what is consumption disease, let’s go through the different symptoms associated with this illness. In the case of Latent TB illness, you will not be able to see any kind of symptoms. So, you will not be able to understand the presence of the illness without a skin or blood test. On the other hand, active TB patients can show the following symptoms.

    1. Coughing up blood

    2. Cough that lasts for more than 3 weeks

    3. Tiredness

    4. Chest pain

    5. Chills

    6. Night sweats

    7. Loss of appetite

    8. Fever

    9. Weight loss


      We have discovered what is consumption disease, its types, causes & symptoms. As we can see, this ailment is indeed very complex and getting the right treatment at the earliest is very crucial. Otherwise, the disease will eventually become severe and will put you in life threatening situations. To manage the TB illness, you will be asked to take some antibiotics. However, these medications have to be taken for a long time span without missing any doses. Most cases require the patients to take medicines for around 6-9 months time period.  

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