What are some good places to stay in Goa near Morjim Beach?

What are some good places to stay in Goa near Morjim Beach?

Well, the holiday mood has been shifting ever since the start of April. With high temperatures, more people want to step out and experience fun at a favourite destination. Goa’s beaches are definitely on people’s minds to cool down and relax. One such spot is Morjim Beach in North Goa, offering you access to several attractions and fun things to do. Here are some of the places to stay in North Goa near Morjim Beach. where you will find many upscale and luxurious accommodations near the popular beach.

The Best Resort Near Morjim Beach for You to Consider While in Goa

White Flower Morjim

A uniquely themed best resort in North Goa, known for several unique things that keep guests well-served and relaxed. from being surrounded by lush greenery, you also get a laid-back feel, a fresh Arabian Sea breeze, theme-based interior and exterior decor, and a large outdoor swimming pool. The White Flower Morjim is one of the topmost resorts near Morjim Beach. Guests can choose from the multiple room options according to their preference (field view, pool view, and suite rooms). get high-speed fiber internet, a 24/7 bar, air-conditioned rooms, and an onsite restaurant. it has amazing modern room amenities that will blow your mind away. The additional security detail, ease of access, and high-quality customer service. they ensure all customer needs are addressed with high urgency and dignity.

While here at the resort, you have no shortage of things to do and places to visit; all major tourist attractions are within easy reach. What else would you ask for?

Golden Sands Resort

To find a truly great place to stay while in Goa, you have to decide what kind of service quality you want, cost, safety parameters, and so on. One of these few places you can try is the Golden Sands Resort, for several reasons. Apart from its strategic location, you get affordable and better amenities. Located amidst palm trees and overlooking Morjim Beach, access the resort to enjoy multiple services like an outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi, a bar, a restaurant, ample parking space, and air-conditioned rooms with easy beach access. You can find other services on request, like shuttle services and taxis.

La Vaiencia Beach Resort

This is an ancient-style hotel that doubles up as a resort due to its perfect location close to Morjim Beach. This resort offers calm and peaceful surroundings for you to relax on holiday minus the hustle and bustle of city life. Besides, get many complimentary services like WiFi, minibars, furnished balconies, free parking space, a restaurant, outdoor swimming, a spa, laundry service, and much more. Morjim Beach is best known as the breeding ground of the Olive Ridley Turtles, an endangered species of turtle in the world. From this resort, you can hardly stroll to the turtle nesting grounds close to the beach and catch a glimpse of these creatures.

Final words

When you plan a holiday to any place, the first thing you think about is booking the place you will stay in on holiday. Morjim Beach in North Goa will give you plenty of options at different price points. However, should you feel like you want a definitive luxury resort experience? check out the best resort in North Goa near Morjim Beach by White Flower. The White Flower Morjim resort will expand all your possibilities in luxury amenities. They also have great services, security, easy access to both historical attractions and the beach and many other things.

This themed resort in North Goa makes me want to stay longer or come again and again to Goa.

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