List of Top Textile Companies in the UK?

List of Top Textile Companies in the UK?

The history of the UK textile companies spans several centuries. Although the industry has experienced an economic slump in recent years, it is still a significant component of the national economy and was formerly a global leader in textile manufacturing. A reputable business in the textile sector with a reputation for producing high-quality goods is T & A textiles and hosiery limited. This blog post will provide a summary of the UK textile market’s current situation and identify the top 10 textile companies in the country as of 2023. Coats, Aos, Quantum Clothing Group, Kazareen Textile, Jimmy Choo, Damartex UK, DCK Group, Pacific Dunlop, Boden Europe, and Slater Menswear are just a few of the creative and prosperous businesses on our list.

An Overview of the UK Textile Industry’s History

The history of the textile industry in the UK dates back to the time of the Industrial Revolution. Sustainable production has recently had a resurgence, with businesses like Pacific Dunlop and Peter Reed paving the way in technological advancement and innovation. With a wide range of textile products available, spanning apparel, accessories, linen, works of art, wallpapers, furnishings, and more, the need for locally produced and sustainable textiles is growing.

Top British Textile Companies

With an emphasis on technical textiles and environmentally friendly resources, the textile industry in the UK is growing quickly. Due to their remarkable revenue, market share, & creative company practices, the Top Textile Companies in the UK featured here stand out. They’ve made a significant impact on both domestic and international markets with their products, which include apparel, accessories, wallpaper, bed linen, upholstery, and linen for walls. 


One of the largest and most significant players in the global textile market is Coats. Coats is a textile company having roots in the UK and a long history dating back to the 1750s. Coats has made a name for itself in the industry by specialising in industrial threads and zippers and offering software solutions for the fashion industry. Providing top-notch goods and services to customers worldwide, they operate in 70 countries.


Aos Ltd., a reputable and well-known textile business with headquarters in the UK, is renowned for creating upholstery fabrics of the highest calibre. As has established a solid reputation as a reliable partner for interior designers and home textiles looking to develop unique pieces which perfectly reflect their vision. Aos’ dedication to environmentally friendly products and environmentally friendly production methods sets them apart from the competition. 

Clothing Group Quantum

Due to its unrelenting commitment to ecological and ethical practises, Quantum Clothing Group is a pioneer in the UK textile industry. The business is well-known for producing and supplying high-quality clothing to major retailers. It also provides design, procurement, manufacturing, and logistical support to its customers.

Kazareen Fabric

Renowned for the high-quality fabrics which are used in the fashion and home decor industries, Kazareen Textile is a major force in the UK textile market. Their adoption of cutting-edge technologies, which aid in the precise and consistent production of high-quality fabrics, distinguishes them apart from their rivals. But Kazareen Textile also attaches a great deal of importance to ethical and environmentally friendly business practices. 

Jimmy Choo

The name Jimmy Choo needs no introduction; it is a household name. This High-End Luxury Fashion Brand, Established in 1996 by a Malaysian Designer as well as a British Vogue Accessories Editor, Has Become Associated With Style, Sophistication, In addition Elegance. Even though Jimmy Choo Is Best Known For Its Shoes, Handbags, Eyewear, and fragrances, Its Popularity Spreads Far Beyond The Fashion Industry.

Slater Menswear 

Slater Menswear Has Served Clients In The UK For More Than 45 Years, Making It A True Pioneer In The Men’s Fashion Industry. It provides a wide range of high quality clothing choices which are sure to please even the most sophisticated fashionistas, from their perfect suits to their fashionable shoes. Clients may create an entirely distinctive look which reflects their unique tastes & style thanks to the availability of bespoke tailoring.

European Boden

A well-known fashion brand, Boden Europe has established itself as one of the leading textile businesses in the UK. The company provides a wide selection of premium clothing items, such as dresses, tops, and bottoms, as well as environmentally friendly items like shoes and jewellery. Boden Europe Ships Products Worldwide With Great Customer Service and a Strong Online Presence.

Final Words

The textile sector in the UK has had a long existence and is still expanding. Several of the largest players in the industry control the marketplace. Through the years, these businesses have not only survived but also thrived thanks to their ability to change with shifting consumer demands and adopt cutting-edge technology.

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