List of Top 5 Java Frameworks for Development in 2024

Java developers are always high on demand since a lot of great things can be accomplished with Java. Every custom app development company in India or around the world wants to hire the best talent, Whether it is building high end websites or web applications, Java is always known to deliver brilliant results. It is for this reason business firms from various sectors are always looking to hire J2ee developers capable of delivering them the finest quality web development solutions. 

Here we are going to have a look at top 5 Java frameworks for J2ee Development in 2024 that can be used for creating smart applications.

Spring Boot 

The Spring Boot is definitely one of the most powerful Java frameworks that are used these days. Spring Boot can solve issues related to Spring Application development so that Java developers can use Spring for making Java web applications. While it is true that Spring Boot offers numerous great templates to work with and presents with the benefit of dependency injection.

Now still comes with the challenges and limitations of dependency management, learning curve and configuration that may inevitably lead to development friction. Such issues can be resolved with Spring Boot that offers a range of powerful features like starter dependency, auto-configuration, Spring Actuator and Spring Boot CLI. With the help of auto configuration, it is possible to automatically configure hundreds of decision making factors relating to web development and security.        


React is a Java framework that is heavily recommended by companies offering Java development solutions. It is a user friendly web development framework that can be used for creating front end GUI. React has a component-based model which definitely suits all web developers. The most important benefit of using React is that it can help in developing a component which can be reused again and again. This naturally simplifies the process of web development. So if the developers are working with a cluster of elements having different data, they can reuse the custom list component made with React only by implementing a different set of data. This makes it one of the best Java frameworks to use.  

Spring Cloud 

The Spring Cloud framework is especially built for making applications for the cloud platform. The tools offered by Spring Cloud can be used for building common cloud based development patterns such as configuration management, circuit breaks, service discovery, intelligent routing, client-side load balancing and distributed sessions to name just a few. Spring Cloud provides with a simple cloud connector which can help developers to have access to many essential services inside the cloud environment as they would have done in any standard non-cloud environment. Spring Cloud framework helps developers to create high quality cloud based applications with top grade features in a simple, hassle free manner.   


Angular is surely counted among the most popular and widely used JavaScript frameworks that can be used for creating front-end applications. While Angular itself is not new and has been there for quite some time, the latest version of Angular, i.e. Angular 2 is very different from its earlier model and comes with a host of new tools and features. They provides with declarative templates that come with data binding features. It also brings dependency injection as well as unit testing to the table for testing client-side coding and this makes it well suited for all front-end development tasks. They can also be used for developing modern day GUI applications. It is also known to offer better flexibility in terms of development.    

Apache Spark 

Apache Spark is noted for its brilliant speed and performance, factors that have increased its popularity all over the world. If you are looking to create feature rich web applications that can be done in a short span of time, you should definitely use Apache Spark for the best experience. Research has shown that applications that are developed with Apache Spark have a strong response from user base and they can also be customized easily according to the specific requirements of the target base. This can also help in making the best use of available resources.    

So when you are looking to find the best custom J2ee development solutions for your app project, make sure that you consider using one of the above mentioned Java frameworks for achieving the best results.  

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