Introduction to the Cat’s Eye Phenomenon in Chatoyant Gemstones

Introduction to the Cat’s Eye Phenomenon in Chatoyant Gemstones

“Chatoyance” is derived from the French term “chatoyer,” which means “to gleam like a “cat’s eye gemstone.”

Chatoyance occurs in stones having a large number of very thin parallel inclusions within the stone, referred to as “silk.”

Understanding Chatoyance

The band of light in a chatoyant gemstone will travel back and forth under the surface of the gem when it is transformed into a beam of incident light.

One of the features that makes these stones so unique, attractive, and coveted is the movement of the cat’s eye over the top of the diamond.

The chatoyancy of the gemstone chrysoberyl is so vivid that the phrase cat’s eye has become synonymous with it. As a result, it is important to understand that a cat’s eye is not a gemstone in and of itself, but rather the name of a natural phenomenon.

How Does Chatoyant Work?

When a Chatoyancy stone is preserved or placed under a light beam, the light wave flows back and forth beneath the Chatoyancy gem surface.

If the viewer moves his or her head or the stone location is changed to examine the stone from different angles, the beam of a light wave will shift or displace.

Chatoyancy can be seen in a variety of ways. The first is the consistent strip of light that runs over the stone. The second effect is the ‘opening and closing effect,’ in which two bands are seen across the stone.

Cat’s eye stone cutting

Cabochon gemstones can be used to create the cat’s eye gemstone. Thus, those gem dealers who wish to produce a cat’s eye stone must first select a stone that contains a large number of silk inclusions.

The raw gemstone should be chosen with care so that parallel inclusions or silk inclusions stay beneath the stone and parallel inclusions remain parallel to the long axis of chatoyancy. This occurs in stones that have a large number of parallel thin inclusions inside the stone, also known as “Silk”.

When a light wave strikes a parallel inclusion, it creates a strip of light beneath the stone’s surface. The bright band will usually occur at right angles to the length of the alongside inclusions.

These inclusions are aligned with the crystal axis and can be referred to as hollow tubes, crystals, or other linear structures seen in the stone.

Unfortunately, if a gem cutter does not achieve the aforementioned aim, a clear cat’s eye stone will not be made.

Choosing the Right Cat’s-Eye Gemstone

The greatest cat’s-eye gemstones have an eye that fits the following requirements:

  • It is plainly evident.
  • It cuts the cabochon symmetrically.
  • It stands out brightly against the stone’s body color and glides smoothly as the stone is spun in the light.
  • If a stone meets all of the above characteristics and has an outstanding body color, it is a magnificent cat’s eye stone.

Facts on Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) Gemstone

The following are some lesser-known facts regarding the cat’s eye:

  • Chrysoberyl (BeO.Al2O3) is the chemical that generates the cat’s eye effect.
  • Rhombic chemical bonding exists.
  • Cat’s eye comes in greenish, brownish, yellowish, and colorless colors or tints.
  • On the Moh’s scale, it has an explicit gravity of 3.71 and a hardness of 8.5.
  • It is fragile, yet it is hard enough to be cast into a ring.
  • Translucent multi-colored stones resembling a cat’s eye are sometimes misidentified as a quartz tiger’s eye.
  • They are commonly referred to as “Oeil de visit”

Where can you find Cat’s Eye gemstone?

Cat’s eye is found mostly in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and India. South Africa, Russia, Burma, and the United States are among the other nations where it may be found. It is mostly mined in Odisha, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar in India.

Where To Find an Original Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

The Cat’s Eye gemstone is a Unique Gemstone that looks like the real eye of a cat. That is the reason this gemstone is known as the Cat’s Eye gemstone. This gemstone is also known as Lehsuniya Gemstone. This precious gemstone is one of the most astrological powerful gemstones in the world. The Lehsuniya Gemstone is associated with the evil planet Ketu. The Cat’s Eye Gemstone is used for protection from negative energy and makes a Protection wall for the wearer.

The Cat’s Eye Gemstone is a precious gemstone and a member of the Navratna. It is the group of the 9 most precious and astrological gemstones. Moreover, Due to the popularity of this precious Lehsuniya gemstone. There is so many fake Cat’s eye gemstone but don’t panic the Rashi Ratan Bhagya online gemstone store is here for you. They are the loose gemstone wholesaler and deals in gemstones. Like Red Coral, Ruby, Opal, Emerald, Blue Sapphire and so many other precious and semi-precious Gemstone. You get gemstone at the wholesale prices with the certificate of originality approved by the authorized gemstone testing labs.

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