Turn off SOS only on iPhone

iPhone users frequently face SOS messages on their phone’s top-right corner but have you ever been concerned for them when they appear here and what is the purpose of this feature on your iPhone? How to turn off SOS only on iPhone? do not stress yourself, here you find an explanation for SOS meaning and how to turn it off on your iPhone.

What is the Meaning of the SOS Term on iPhone?

The term SOS means – Save Our Souls. The “SOS Only Texts” or “SOS icon” generally appears on the top-right corner of your iPhone screen, just before the icon of the cellular network. Its appearance signifies a warning for your phone’s cellular network. When your phone network is not available to make or receive a call, then sos only text or sos icon appears on the top right phone screen. In this condition, you are unable to text messages to someone and unable to make any normal calls on saved contacts. Your data services also won’t work in this situation. You can only call helpline numbers such as police, ambulance, fire station, or other similar emergency numbers.

If you have saved any of your contacts in emergency contact, then you can also contact them in a SOS-only situation.

Sometimes users question why their phone displays an SOS-only icon and they are unable to make any call except emergency contacts. be relaxed, some reasons cause the SOS-only situation and you should know them first-

  • The “SOS Only” meaning is that your phone is not in a cellular coverage area. On not receiving proper network area or receiving poor network coverage on your phone, then a sos-only icon displays on your phone screen.
  • If your SIM card is not placed correctly or damaged by any means or the SIM card doesn’t have roaming services, in these conditions, your phone displays an SOS-only icon.

Whatever may be the reason for displaying sos only on your iPhone, some methods assist you in fixing the issue of sos only conditions.

How to Turn Off the SOS Only on an iPhone?

If you are struggling with how to turn off SOS only on your iPhone, then go with these steps here-

  1. Check your cellular network – on displaying the SOS icon on your phone, first check your cellular network whether it is available or not. If not, then shift to a good network area.
  2. Reboot your phone – it is the simplest way to turn off SOS only icon. reboot your iPhone for once and this icon will disappear.
  3. Insert your SIM again – when your SIM card is not properly placed in its slot or remains idle for some time. inserting your SIM card again activates the SIM again and the SOS-only icon vanishes.
  4. Activate data roaming – on traveling to a different location, your data roaming must be activated to restrict SOS conditions. if you seek how to turn off SOS mode on your iPhone follow, this step –
  • Open iPhone ‘Settings’ > Mobile Data(Cellular Data)
  • Click on the Mobile data option > toggle to ‘Data Roaming’.

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