How to get real, targeted followers on Facebook (FAST)

How to get real, targeted followers on Facebook (FAST)

As a company focusing on social media, we know how important it is for marketers to get more Facebook followers. If you have more Facebook followers, you can make your content, messages, and products accessible to more interested parties and customers. However, increasing the number of your Facebook followers can take time and effort.

If you want to improve your marketing on social media – and especially if you’re going to increase the number of Facebook followers and likes – you can find out in this post how you can do that.

How to increase the number of Facebook followers: 5 tactics tested

Five reliable, proven methods to get more Facebook followers:

Create content on current topics

Use hashtags in your Facebook post

Download the Facebook follow-back button

Organize competitions and freebies on Facebook

Post Facebook videos

In the following article, you will learn more about the individual tactics.

1. How to win Facebook followers by creating content on current topics

An easy way to increase engagement (and the number of your followers) on Facebook is to publish posts, blogs, videos, and other content covering popular topics. You can use many free tools to find current issues: Facebook trends, BuzzFeed trending, and BuzzSumo – to name just a few. Observe these platforms regularly and act quickly because what is announced today can be outdated tomorrow. This type of content can attract the attention of influencers and help to make you known to your target group.

To jump on the St. Patrick’s Day train, which attracts social media attention every year, Dove created a graphic showing a rainbow from chocolates with different colored packaging. The photo was a simple, creative, and entertaining way to get your brand into the conversation on St. Paddy’s Day.

2nd. Use hashtags in your Facebook posts

Think of hashtags as the connective tissue that holds the entire body of social media conversations together. When you use them, you combine your posts with other relevant posts to create a clear, easy way to your site. Don’t go crazy using hashtags – limit each post to a few. Otherwise, you can turn off the readers.

Instead of constantly using industry-specific hashtags, you should use some of the most common hashtags for certain days of the week, such as #motivationmonday, #throwbackthursday, and #sundayfunday.

Take a page from’s book: When the brand recognized the obsession of social media with motivating quotes, it took time. #motivationmonday on a new level by creating a custom offer graphic of Apple legend Steve Jobs. The company also added its logo to the picture to increase brand recognition.

3rd. Download the Facebook Follow button

Using the Facebook Follow button, you can make it easy for Facebook users to connect to your page. It takes away the guesswork when linking to your page, shows you in advance that you have a Facebook presence, and saves the user the need to search for your brand yourself. If Facebook users want to follow you, they only have to click the Facebook Follow button icon. In this way, you can transform the people you find through other social media platforms (such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or wherever) into honest people who are real Facebook followers so that you can keep in touch with them over time.

There are only two steps to configure and install the button on your website. Add your Facebook account URL, adjust the design of your control, and you are ready to go!

4th. Organize competitions and giveaways on Facebook.

Let’s be honest: everyone loves free things – it’s a great strategy to increase followers on Facebook, especially if you’re a retailer. You can attract more Facebook users and potential customers by hosting a competition or giveaway for one of your upcoming products or product lines. If you don’t sell items, try to connect with companies that double-strike.

Cookware company Williams Sonoma saw an opportunity to gain some commitment and activity by promoting the Feast Portland Food Festival. To attract attention to the brand, the company hosted a competition that won tickets for a famous gastronomic festival and a 10-piece set of cookware.

5. Post Facebook videos

More than 8 billion videos and 100 million hours of video. They are consumed daily on Facebook. Get your brand into play by shooting your videos to involve users. Make sure you keep a consistent branding style and tone so visitors can better recognize them with increasing social media presence. If this strategy is outside your budget or resources, you can start smaller by re-posting famous, engaging, and helpful videos from reputable sources.

To arouse interest in his new Untouchable 3 “Elite” sneaker model, Nike created a short video with Saquon Barkley, the Penn State, which runs back and is one of the top upcoming NFL Draft Pick. The video was dedicated to Nike’s iconic storytelling, full of drama, intrigue, and inspiration.

More Facebook page tags are within reach.

As shown above, the core concept to attract more likes and followers to the Facebook page is to maintain a consistent brand presence, get in touch with the target group, and address their needs and interests. Start by integrating these tips (from our other guides on attaching a post to FB) into your daily posting strategy to get instant results. The longer you stick to these tips and integrate them into your overall social media strategy, the better your results will be.

Frequency and quality of publications, work on engagement, search for new concepts to liven up your pageā€¦ I suppose you are like me; you are always looking for tips to increase your page’s reach and the number of likes on Facebook. Know that there is a little tip that allows you to quickly and naturally acquire new likes for your Facebook page.

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