The Cost to Develop a Car Rental App Like Ekar: A Complete Guide

The Cost to Develop a Car Rental App Like Ekar: A Complete Guide

There are many successful car rental applications available in the market, for example, Ekar. If you want to build a car rental app, you can consider this app as inspiration and hire an on demand app development company to hand over your project. 

If you want to establish your business in the changing dynamics of customer convenience and experiences, developing a car rental app can be a wise decision. However, as a business owner, you must be wondering about the total mobile app development cost. 

Cost-driving Factors of Developing a Car Rental App Like Ekar

Developing an app like Ekar with basic functionality can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. Although, this cost can reach up to 200,000 or more, depending on the additional features. Let’s discuss the factors affecting this cost in detail.

Mobile App Development Company You Hire

The cost of hiring an on-demand app development company is the primary factor affecting the total estimation of building a car rental app like Ekar. Based on different locations, the hourly rate of hiring app developers varies. Also, the experience and technical expertise of the developer affect the total on-demand app development cost.

Worldwide, the cost of hiring app developers differs. For instance, in the USA, developers can charge around $120 to $300 per hour. On the other hand, this cost will be significantly less in India and Southeast Asia, compiling between $30 and $90 cost per hour. 

Technology Used

The technology and tools your app development team uses to develop the Ekar app will also affect the development cost. You must identify the project requirements and user demand to select the suitable technologies.

The tech stack of developing a car-rental app like Ekar will look something like this: 

  • Native Android Application Development: Kotlin and Java 
  • iOS Car Rental App Development: Swift and Objective C 
  • Cross-platform Frameworks: Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native
  • Databases: MongoDB, MailChimp, and Cassandra
  • SMS, Voice, and Chat: Nexmo
  • Notifications: Twilio
  • Storage: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure
  • Payments Integrations: PayPal, Stripe, and eWallet

Key Features of the Ekar Car Rental App

The features you select to implement in your car rental app influence the app development cost. Ensure the features and functionality you want in your app are unique, user-friendly, and engaging. Overall, your car rental should offer smooth functioning and user experience, accessible booking services, seamless payment integration, and location tracking like Ekar. 

Ekar car-rental app will have features divided into 3 panels: drivers, customers, and app managers based on who is on the receiver’s end of the app. 

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Let’s deduce the features of the Ekar app that you can integrate into your car rental app. 

Features for Customers

  1. Mobile-friendly user interface
  2. Quick signup with multi-factor authentication
  3. Simple registration and social login
  4. Flexible ride options and ride history
  5. Monitoring vehicle availability
  6. Automatic ride calculator 
  7. Payment options within apps
  8. Live tracking of car location 
  9. Identify parking options
  10. User account setting

Features for Drivers

  1. Driver registration and enrolment
  2. Ride management (accept/cancel requests)
  3. Location tracking capabilities
  4. Route optimization capability
  5. History of orders
  6. Payment history

Features for Admin

  1. Dashboard (View orders, payments, progress, etc.)
  2. User Administration
  3. Monitor and control vehicle availability
  4. Traffic Management reservations
  5. Tracking and controlling payments
  6. Management of discounts and deals
  7. Driver management

Team Structure

If you want a successful car rental application, you need to work with a reputed company like Successive Digital with proficient developers working for them. The hired team structure will have an impact on the app development cost. 

The cost of professionals you hire for developing the app will change depending on their role in the development team. Let’s look at the per-hour charges of hiring experts. 

  • Android Developers: $77-$200
  • iOS Developers: $80-$300
  • UI/UX Designer: $79-$163
  • Project Manager: $100-$230
  • QA Specialist: $70-$180


If you want to develop a car rental app, you can hire a company that offers reliable, on demand app development services. Ensure the company you hire has experienced and efficient developers, managers, testers, and designers. They would follow the optimized product development methodologies to turn your app idea into reality.

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