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This blog will bring many tips, tricks, and practices on music marketing, music law, digital communication, music promotion, release strategies, video clips, etc.

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I am constantly looking for methods and strategies that seem ethical and practical and will allow you to build great things for your musical career with an engaged community.

Instagram was not my favorite network. Yet, it is almost essential when you interact more intimately with your audience.

Why am I having trouble with this network? Perhaps because of what influencers do with it, with strategies of follow unfollow, brand placement, and “false” reality. Before being a social network for sharing and exchange, Instagram has become a marketing platform.

But, I believe it is still possible to use it authentically and engage your musical tribe. And I enjoy using it more and more click here.

There are several schools, and in this article, we will stay in this spirit and not in the “hacking” of useless figures, in my opinion.

How to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram in 30 days!

Secret hacks to get more followers on Instagram quickly!

We want to go fast…

Always faster…

Without asking, “ Why do I want subscribers on Instagram?”

If it’s for your ego, don’t waste time: buy fake subscribers, implement follow/unfollow strategies, or all these strategies that will quickly allow you to boast of having thousands of subscribers without asking yourself the question of their value.

If it is with the aim of long-term commitment, to build a real community around your music, to exchange with your tribe … Then the rest of the article may be helpful.

I can never repeat it to you enough! Growing an audience or a musical project is a marathon… not a sprint!

Are you tempted to gain followers on social networks?

We always want more followers, always faster! Up to using techniques putting “dollars” in the eyes, which often violate the conditions of use of the platforms (I also refer you to the competition article).

You have those who will let themselves be tempted by the devil because “ after all, everyone else is doing it, so why not me? Okay, I admit, I have approached the flame several times… we are only human, after all, and in periods of fatigue, of almost burnout, we want to do as well as those others who succeed (a priori).

It is not for nothing that humans go crazy in the face of power and money. It is strongly linked to our functioning and psychology (but I would not do a detailed article here on the psychology of power).

So, should you let yourself be tempted? Buy followers? Use its applications (paid in addition) to automate follows unfollows, which risk blocking your account.

The only answer I can give you is… it’s up to you. I can give you my opinion (well, should I give it to you? I think you know it 🙂

As with every action you take, consider your long-term goals and the relationship you want to build with your community. Do you want to trade with robots or humans?

“ yes, but Guilaine, it’s super important to have figures when you write to labels, tour operators, etc.! “

Yes and no!

They will look at your figures but especially the engagement of your publications. Could you not take them for c**s, either? They will know the difference between an account with 10,000 subscribers and three interactions and an account with 300 subscribers and 40 interchanges. And those who don’t think like that and only look at your number of subscribers… leave them; they’re c**s.

If you want to get targeted and authentic followers, you can continue reading.

Quality vs Quantity

As musicians and artists, we make music to share it and resonate with others. We want to create an audience of people interested in our music (and not new subscribers in exchange for their subscription).

A method to qualify your account: delete inappropriate subscribers

Regularly, I see “beautiful” blondes with large breasts among my subscribers (Elie Semoun would be delighted). Fake accounts. And even if they are real people… what is the point of having them in my community??? Two more schools: those who will tell you, “But you don’t care, it increases the number of subscribers,” and those who will say to you, “Yes, but you want to retarget this type of profile when you pay for advertising to boost your posts, and retarget an audience similar to that?? “

My goal is to build a real community of DIY Musicians (Do It Yourself) based on trust, sincerity, sharing, respect, and authenticity. So no! I’m not interested in this type of subscriber. So, I regularly scroll through my subscribers to delete these pseudo accounts.

You are going to share music “for free,” and the objective is also to make a living from your music and, therefore, from time to time, solicit your audience for a crowdfunding campaign or the sale of an album. Trust me, fake profiles of busty blondes won’t do you any good. (unless your goal is only to inflate your ego).

Strategies to Grow Your Account on Instagram

Here are some strategies and methods to engage subscribers on Instagram. This list is incomplete. Some plans are organic (regular content, without paid advertising), and others will require you to invest a little in your visibility through advertising.

1. Who are you talking to? Who is your audience?

To commit, you have to reach out to the right people. It doesn’t matter which social network you use.

To do this, you can use statistics from your social networks to create a profile of your typical audience.

You can also receive a list of 4 emails to explain how to know your audience by joining the community HERE. (if you already subscribe to the little DIY Musicians news, you have this information).

2. Exchange with others, even outside of music

If you want others to be interested in you, already be interested in them.

Consider commenting on the photos and videos of other people you follow. A little message to talk about the image posted: the video performance is always a pleasure. If it’s an account in a field other than music, but this person can become a loyal follower, comment as well. Don’t talk about yourself but about each other. If the person wants to know more about you, they will visit your account and review your bio. And will discover your world with your well-crafted and attractive feed and profile.

Charm other users by commenting on their posts, and then show the value of your account by posting excellent content.

Also, post Stories to show behind the scenes of your business and use targeted hashtags to be found by others who are interested in what you offer.

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