Instagram Story Ads are particularly suitable as a strategy for getting more Instagram followers if your account is still young and has few followers. So you start from the beginning and need something to start from. There is usually a lack of corresponding “momentum” in such a case. And if such momentum is missing, it is almost impossible to get on the Explore Page or rank in relevant hashtags.

However, Instagram Story Ads work. You can have 100k followers or no followers. Your strategy for Instagram Story Ads to build new followers always works the same.


The prerequisite for Instagram Story Ads is a Facebook page and a Facebook advertising account. In the Facebook advertising manager, you can create Instagram story ads in addition to Facebook ad examples. Alternatively, you can make the Instagram Story Ad directly in the Instagram APP and quickly select your profile as the ad’s target.

However, the following setting options, especially the target group management, could be more precise.

With Instagram ads, especially Instagram Story Ads, you proceed the same way as creating Facebook ads. Once you’ve completed your ad, all you need to do is make sure you’ve selected Instagram in the ad preview section.

Here are a few more essential facts before creating Instagram ads.

Below, I want to show you an example setting for your Instagram Story Ad, which can, however, be designed differently based on your situation and experience:


When creating the Instagram Story Ad in the Facebook Ad Manager, I recommend selecting “Traffic” as the marketing goal for the ad. Experience shows that using “Traffic” delivers the best CPC (Cost per Click) in such cases.

If you want to use Instagram Story Ads to grow your account, feel free to test the different marketing goals against each other. And finally, decide on the marketing goal that delivers the best results and scale it further.

There are various options for addressing your target group, which depend on the target group you are managing or want to address with your account. This video may help you in this context:

Location – Age – Language – People who match X interests.

For example, if you want to set up a German-speaking account, we recommend selecting the DACH area as the location. So Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein. As well as hiring “people who live in this place.” The language would, therefore, be “German,” and the age results from your target group analysis.

Then it comes to the interests. When you run ads, you want to target people likely to be interested in your content.

And here you have a lot of choices. So first, think carefully about what your target group on the Instagram account is interested in.

Then it would help if you showed people with precisely these selected interests ads.

Facebook, and consequently Instagram, knows us inside and out, so there’s a good chance they can tell who’s interested in what. When you enter interests, Facebook also shows you suggestions, so you can choose the attractions you need that fit your target group—make-up, travel, football, business, money, watches, etc. There are almost endless possibilities here. It is also a good idea to test different interest-based target groups against each other.

After you have specified your account as the ad’s target (URL of the report), you publish the ad and are done. If the ad meets Facebook guidelines and is approved after Facebook review, it will go live.

And then it says: Get new Instagram followers on autopilot.


Important to note is that the ad videos can only be 120 seconds long.

That doesn’t mean you need the full 2 ​​minutes. The best-performing ads are 3-15 seconds long, especially for story ads.

I generally recommend using 15-second video ads for “follower-building ads.”

However, the success of an Instagram Story Ad campaign for building followers depends on whether you create a good “ad copy,” i.e., a good ad as an advertising medium.

The better the ad, the less money you will spend and the better ROI you will see.

So be creative and speak to the words and images of the potential new Instagram followers you want to reach and ultimately get as new followers on your Instagram profile.


As we have already seen, creating Instagram ads is similar to creating Facebook ads, especially if you want to do it well and efficiently.

If you understand Facebook ads, you can also create suitable Instagram ads.

So, if you want to master Facebook and Instagram ads, I recommend the Facebook Ads Booster* at this point.

With the  Facebook Ads Booster*, you can become an absolute Facebook and Instagram Ads expert.

If you still have relatively little experience and knowledge in the area of ​​Instagram advertising and Facebook advertising, then I can give you this recommendation:

The Facebook and Instagram Ads Basics*

There, you will find everything you need to start with Instagram Ads.

If you have already started with Facebook Ads and encountered problems, such as your Facebook advertising account being blocked, this article may help you, which you can read here.


The influencers and the ad copy are the two keys to this equation. Both must be suitable for you to be successful.

Here is an overview of the metrics, spending and followers gained by the influencers used in the case study:

 In practice, the number of followers of an influencer has nothing to do with the results generated by the influencer.

Why is that?

I want to explain this to you below:

It would help if you found influencers with high-quality engagement. But this is a challenge. It would help if you closely examined the influencer, calculated the engagement rates of the last posts, etc.

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