Fueling Success: Euro Gas Systems’ Evolution in Gas Compression SolutionsTop of Form

Fueling Success: Euro Gas Systems’ Evolution in Gas Compression SolutionsTop of Form

Euro Gas Systems (EGS) has carved a distinctive niche in the global energy sector, marked by a series of strategic alliances, product line expansions, and infrastructural advancements that underscore its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. From its early days, EGS has boarded on a journey of continuous growth and improvement, positioning itself as a leader in providing comprehensive gas compression solutions.

In October 2013, EGS took a significant step forward by signing a distributorship with Ariel Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors. This partnership allowed EGS to broaden its product offerings and leverage Ariel’s renowned manufacturing excellence. The following year, EGS achieved another milestone by becoming an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Caterpillar engines, further enhancing its capability to deliver top-notch compressor packages powered by reliable and efficient engines.

Recognizing the evolving needs of the energy sector, EGS introduced its Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) product line in 2017. This addition not only diversified the company’s portfolio but also addressed the industry’s demand for efficient thermal management solutions. In 2019, EGS’s commitment to excellence was acknowledged when it became a “Platinum and Power Packager” for Waukesha gas engines, a testament to the company’s expertise in engineering and packaging high-performance gas engine solutions.

The same year marked a significant expansion of EGS’s production and office capacity for Plant 2, effectively doubling its capability to meet the growing demands of its global clientele. This expansion was closely followed by the completion of PLANT 3 in 2020, further evidencing EGS’s dedication to scaling its operations and enhancing its production efficiencies.

Today, EGS’s global footprint has expanded with five new office divisions opened across the UAE, UK, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Nigeria, bringing its specialized services and products closer to its clients worldwide. This global expansion is a strategic move to offer localized support and services, ensuring that clients receive timely and effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

EGS’s product line is comprehensive, ranging from reciprocating compressor packages and centrifugal compressors to screw compressors, gas engine-driven generators, and gas turbine-driven generators, alongside its ACHE units. This wide range of products, coupled with service and maintenance offerings and training programs, positions EGS as a single point of supply for key account customers.

Central to EGS’s success is its goal to fit the right compressor to each client’s needs. Whether it’s a gas engine or electric motor-driven compressor package, EGS’s Application Engineers are dedicated to finding the optimal solution for any compression requirement, with capabilities ranging from 30 KW (40 HP) to 3.6 MW (5000 HP). This client-centric approach ensures that each solution is not just a piece of equipment but a tailored answer to specific operational needs.

EGS takes pride in its engineering excellence. The company’s engineering team is noted for its flexibility and the use of proprietary drawing and sizing technology. This allows for reduced lead times and the rapid production of detailed 3D Autodesk Inventor models and accurate drawings. Customers receive advanced engineering information that assures the equipment is designed precisely for its intended environment and duties.

Each product from EGS is custom designed to meet the operational safety standards, size and weight criteria, and environmental guidelines of its installation site. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that all equipment delivered by EGS is ready to meet the challenges of the demanding environments in which they operate.

Developing its product range and becoming a single point of supply for key account customers has been a strategy heavily invested in by EGS. This strategy, combined with a focus on complete customer satisfaction through equipment build, start-up and commissioning, customer training, and ongoing aftermarket support, has been key to EGS’s success. Timely communication and rapid reaction to customer needs are hallmarks of EGS’s service ethos.

Euro Gas Systems has emerged as a premier provider of gas compression solutions through a blend of strategic partnerships, product innovation, and a specific focus on customer satisfaction. With its expansive product line, global footprint, and engineering prowess, EGS is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the oil and gas sector, delivering tailored solutions that drive efficiency, reliability, and operational excellence.

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