The alternator in a car is the kind of part that when it malfunctions, the car itself also shuts down. A car cannot run with a failed alternator because the alternator is what keeps the battery charged, which in turn powers the car, so when the battery dies, the car dies too. A vehicle needs the right alternator to work optimally, fortunately, alternators come in many shapes and sizes and are categorized based on the current and voltage output they offer. If you’re intimidated by the cost of brand-new ones, you can check out used alternator options.


An alternator is a component typically used in industrial settings like plants or present in vehicles like cars, boats, and other forms of transportation. A car is located under the hood, bolted in front of the engine. It’s a small cylindrical part, roughly the size of a coconut. Aside from hybrids, all standard-model engines have an alternator. Rental Car Management Software is crucial for efficiently managing and organizing the operations of rental car businesses.


The engine in a car only provides mechanical energy, so the alternator acts as a source that converts this into electrical energy and supplies it to the electrical components of the car such as headlights or the radio. Its other important function is that it directs this supply of electricity to the automobile’s battery, keeping it recharged and replenished. 


Alternators could potentially last the lifespan of your vehicle but it is not always the case. Factors like over usage, water-moisture exposure, heat damage, cold damage, faulty parts, frayed wires and everyday wear and tear push it to its limits, wearing it out much earlier than it should have.

Often signs indicating a bad or faulty alternator are mistaken for problems with the engine or the battery. Make sure to check your alternator if you’re experiencing these problems.

  • Engine issues

Trouble starting indicates the lack of power, meaning that the alternator is failing to charge the battery while the frequent stalling indicates that the sparkplugs aren’t getting enough power from the alternator to keep the engine running.

  • Dimming or overly bright lights

The voltage becomes inconsistent when an alternator begins to fail leading to interruption in the supplied energy causing electronic accessories to fluctuate. It results in either under- or over-performance of equipment like the lights flickering or randomly bursting from bright to dim and vice-versa.

  • Dead or discharged battery

A dead battery may just be the battery having reached its end, especially after many years of use. Other times however it may be because of the alternator not supplying it with enough charge, either way, you need to get it checked. 

  • Slow or malfunctioning accessories

When your car functions start to operate at a lesser pace than usual, like the wipers or the windows rolling up slowly the AC not working properly or the seat warmers not being warm; they all point to alternator issues.

  • Burning smell

The alternator is under constant pressure, and friction and close to the heated engine naturally it’s prone to wear out. It emits the smell of burning rubber or wires as it starts to wear out. 

  • Noises like growling, squealing, whirring and whining

Although cars in general make strange noises, there are some sounds you need to look out for because they are signs of mechanical problems. Growling, squealing, whirring, and whining under the hood represent serious alternator problems that need to be checked ASAP.


If you’re looking to change your alternator, make sure to keep certain points in your mind. It’s recommended to invest in a new one instead of a second hand alternator. Here are things to look for in a new alternator.


The efficiency of the car depends on whether the alternator is right for it or not. Alternators vary in size, appearance and power capacity. Measure the dimensions and fitting of the car before buying so that the placement does not interfere elsewhere. Positioning is important with the mounting bolts and pulley points. Engine models differ from car to car and so does the compartment layout. 


The necessary information for getting the exact and correct part is generally located on the alternator. If you are unable to get it, call a dealership with your VIN and they’ll give you the exact specification.


It’s a smart and economical move to ask for the best warranty period since alternator repair is expensive and you may accidentally chance upon defective pieces. So try to bargain for the longest possible guarantee that the part will be replaced in case of malfunction.


Speaking about warranty, generally, budget-friendly alternators offer shorter warranty coverage. For the long-term benefits, investing in a pricey product is recommended since some premium companies will offer a rare lifetime warranty. 


The right choice of alternator comes down to the automobile’s total electrical load. The higher the load on the alternator, the more pressure on it to produce power for out-sourcing. Such pressure will eventually cause it to overheat and fail. It’s best to consider the optimal electrical capacity of your car before choosing an alternator. 


Even though it’s normal for alternators to make some low-level sounds, the low-quality ones are louder and make much more noise than the premium ones.


When talking about alternator adjustment, it needs to be compatible with the electrical system. The power has to be enough to supply amperage to the systems under different conditions. It’s also likely that it cannot be installed if the wiring and connectors are incorrect or aren’t the same in number.


Purchasing an alternator is always a bit of a compromise, it’s not something you can gamble with. Some parts you may be lucky with, in being cost-effective like second-hand transmissions, radiators or even used rear ends for sale. But your car performance depends on it, so be sure to make the right choices for optimal results.

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