Anyone seeking employment in the UK construction sector must possess a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. You can prove that you have the necessary education and experience for your construction occupation by having a CSCS card.

While the CSCS card itself is free, there are costs involved in acquiring one. This article will break down the different costs associated with getting a CSCS card so you can understand what to budget for. You will cover the cost of training courses, tests, application fees and more. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the cscs skilled worker card cost.

CSCS Card Types

There are various types of CSCS cards available depending on your occupation and skill level. The main cards are:

  • Labourer card – For general construction workers
  • Skilled worker card – For occupations like bricklaying, carpentry, plastering etc.
  • Specialist card – For supervisory roles and professions like architecture and surveying
  • Managerial & Professional card – For site managers and project managers

The skilled worker card is the most common type for tradespeople. The major subject of this post will be the price of this card. Expenses may vary slightly based on the job for which you are seeking.

Training Course Costs

To be eligible for a skilled worker CSCS card, you must pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test. This test demonstrates you have the required health and safety knowledge to work on construction sites. You must take a CSCS test preparation course before taking the test. Courses are typically 1-5 days long and cover all the health and safety topics needed to pass the exam.

Course prices can vary:

  • 1-day courses – £100-£150
  • 3-day courses – £200-£300
  • 5-day courses – £300-£400

Online courses are also available for £20-£30. Look for reputable providers when choosing a test preparation course.

CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test Cost

The CITB Health, Safety and Environment test costs £21. England, Wales and Northern Ireland residents can take it at an approved test centre. The test has 50 multiple choice questions and you need to score at least 45 to pass. There are some exemptions where you don’t need to take the test depending on your qualifications and experience.

If you fail, you can re-take the test after 7 days for a fee of £21 again.

Application Fee

Applying for your CSCS card has an administration fee. This is:

  • £30 for new applications
  • £30 for renewals
  • £40 for replacement cards

This fee covers the processing and production of your card. You can pay with a credit/debit card or a check.

Renewal Costs

CSCS cards must be renewed every 5 years to remain valid. Renewing has the same £30 application fee. You do not need to re-take the Health, Safety and Environment test when renewing unless you have been out of the industry for over 2 years.

Additional Costs

  • ID photos – around £5-10 from photo booths or post offices
  • Postage fees if applying by mail – £2-3
  • Online portal fees – some providers charge £5-20 for application via their portal 


Understanding the full cost and following the tips can help you get qualified without breaking the bank. The CSCS card is a necessary investment for anyone wanting to work in construction long-term. The most common route is through taking the cscs skilled worker test which assesses knowledge of health and safety as well as work activities on construction sites. By passing this test, individuals can pursue safe and legitimate careers in the industry.

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