Getting a fresh collection of apparel is the usual way to shop. Another and more ethical way to shop and still get your favorite fashionable clothes is by purchasing from thrift stores. Get your sustainable fashion with Littlebox India Coupons through Cashaly, contributing to the environment.

Thrifting has been the go-to shopping destination for many people. It is one of the best ways to stay updated with fashion trends and still follow sustainability. You can also shop for apparel at thrift stores with other home essentials.

Stay tuned to learn more about buying from thrift stores and sustainable shopping.

Thrift Stores In India

Let us go through the top thrift stores in India and help you shop while maintaining sustainability.


Mirinwon was founded by Ngahon Tungshangnao as an online thrift store. In this store, you can buy everything from formal shirts to bags of great quality. You can get vintage and thrift collections ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 6,000. The store also provides you with designers and brands like Louis Vuitton, Vans, Miu Miu, Sisley, Coach, and Ralph Lauren.

You can follow them on Instagram, where they frequently post the collections they have. Their collection gets sold out in hours as soon as they launch, so better hurry if you come across something you need.


Bodements is a thrift store that is based in Mumbai and is best known for its upcycled vintage collection. They have their own website with outlets in Paris and Mumbai. You can also follow them on Instagram to get easy access to their collections.

They are always on a mission to promote ethical fashion, and they curate a range of clothing that is sourced around the world. They see the vintage collection as the star of fashion that should be loved and must be added to everyone’s wardrobe.

Bombay Closet Cleanse

Not limited to clothes, Bombay Closet Cleanse is a thrift store that offers home accessories as well. They are based in Mumbai and proudly owned and operated by women. With easy access to their website, they also have an outlet in Bandra. They deliver across the country, where you can order amazing collections.

They always promote sustainable fashion by running different campaigns and fundraisers, through which they help several NGOs. With an amazing collection, you bring home a collection that lasts for years and helps you save on apparel and home accessories.

Paradime Thrift

Paradime Thrift is the best online thrift store where you can buy upcycled, vintage, and pop culture clothing. Both men and women can find their favorite collection that is sustainable and cool to carry. You can purchase different types of clothing, such as funky sportswear, cute denim jackets, eclectic casuals, and many more.

Their collection is affordable, and you can access it through their Instagram profile. They ship across the globe; however, they have a no-return, no-refund policy. Therefore, choose wisely what you want to purchase and enjoy your sustainable shopping.

The Local Thrift

The Local Thrift Store is the one-stop solution for pre-owned items. You can buy various things in TLT stores, such as books, clothing, accessories, and home decor. To shop for sustainable and environmentally friendly items, you can shop through their Instagram profile.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly thrift store, you must try The Local Thrift, where you can get affordable clothing and many other items. And for people who are not sure about thrifting, this store is the one to start with to see how you can go sustainable.

The Vintage

As the name suggests, The Vintage is a great thrift store where you can shop for a wide range of clothes and accessories. These items are from famous designers and brands at affordable prices. For people who have been looking for some old-school items, this is the perfect store to grab your favorite collection now.

To place orders, you can visit their Instagram page and scroll through their collection. With simple steps, you can place your order, and their shipping is available throughout India. No more waiting to get your vintage clothes from The Vintage Thrift Store.

Curated Finding’s

Curated Finding’s has a handpicked collection for you and your fashionista. With their rare collection, they have curated sustainable clothes that replace fast fashion beautifully. You get a wide range of clothing that includes dresses, shirts, blouses, jeans, and jumpsuits.

Curated Findings is the best place to style your fashion and wardrobe with sustainable clothes. Visit their Instagram page and go through the collection to decide for yourself what to buy. You can contact them through Instagram and place your order.

Vintage Laundry

Vintage Laundry is another popular online thrift store that has also been featured in the media, like the Hindustan Times and The Hindu. To get your timeless apparel collection, you must take a look at their amazing collection of wonderful accessories.

With their gender fluidity, it makes them stand out with pride. While promoting sustainability, their fashion adds more to your personality and never goes out of style. They own a vintage collection, and you can make it yours by visiting their Instagram page to place orders.


While gaining popularity on Instagram, Aastha decided to open a shop with a thrift collection. Her online thrift store excelled and encouraged her to own a shop that is based in Delhi. With thousands of followers on Instagram, ShopWithLove has attracted many customers and become the favorite brand for thrifters.

You can easily shop through their Instagram page or their outlet in Delhi. You will find amazing clothes with fashionable accessories to complete your look. Thrift your favorite collection now at an affordable price.


Another thrift store with an amazing vintage collection that you don’t want to miss. They have various vintage dresses, bralettes, and various accessories from well-known brands. You can bring home this collection and style your fashion in your own way with creativity.

PoshPast provides you with all sizes of clothing, irrespective of gender. Get your sustainable and environmentally friendly collection with high-quality fabric. The best part is that you get your favorite apparel at affordable prices.


In this blog, we have discussed buying from thrift stores and sustainable shopping. Get your latest and most environmentally friendly fashion with Myntra Coupons through Cashaly. Thrifting is becoming popular in India, and you can find various online and offline thrift stores near you.

The above-mentioned thrift stores are the best to start your thrift shopping and get an eco-friendly collection. They also provide you with an apparel collection from well-known brands to make it easier for you to shop.

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