Are Double Decker Exhibition Stands Worth the Investment?

Are Double Decker Exhibition Stands Worth the Investment?

As a means for exhibitors to stand out from the crowd at the events, Double-decker exhibition stands are gaining massive popularity. By providing a second level, double decker exhibition stands allow companies to maximize their exhibit space and accommodate more branding, demonstrations, and meetings compared to a standard single-level exhibit. However, double-decker stands require a larger investment compared to conventional stands.

Let’s examine the key pros and cons of using Double Decker Exhibition Stands. Also, discuss whether they are ultimately worth the added cost for most exhibitors.

Pros of Double Decker Stands:

Double-decker stands offer several advantages that can help exhibitors achieve their marketing and sales goals at trade events:

Increased Visibility-

One of the main benefits is increased visibility and prominence on the show floor. With a second level, double-decker stands have a larger physical presence that catches the eye from further away compared to single-level exhibits of the same size.

This draws more traffic to the booth as attendees are naturally curious about what is offered on the second level. Branding impact and opportunities for engagement can be maximized by higher visibility.

Expanded Space-

By incorporating vertical space, double-decker stands effectively double the usable square footage compared to a standard single-level configuration at the same floor dimensions. This extra space allows exhibitors to use it for things like:

  • Product Displays.
  • Demonstrations.
  • Multimedia Content.
  • Literature Distribution.
  • Interactive Elements.
  • On-site Stock.
  • Private Meeting Areas.
  • Lounges.
  • Networking Zones.

To achieve specific marketing goals, companies have the flexibility to customize their exhibit with expanded real estate.

Enhanced Experiences-

The two-floor layout enables business presentations, seminars, and product demos to be held comfortably with seating for attendees. Private meeting spaces on the upper level also facilitate meaningful brand discussions away from the noisy show floor.

Demonstrations or multimedia can even be presented from the second level for optimum viewing. Compared to ground-only exhibits more immersive and engaging experiences can be provided for visitors.

Attendees appreciate interactive exhibits and are more likely to remember the brand.

Elevated Branding-

Double Decker trade show booths stands to make it possible for exhibitors to install full graphic panels or eye-catching branding assets on both levels for maximum impact. Logos and messaging are visible to a far greater number of passing attendees compared to single-level exhibits.

Companies benefit from having their brand reinforced on two prominent platforms. Special lighting, video panels, or other perks can be incorporated on the upper level to give the stand a distinctive and memorable look in the crowd.

Cons of Double Decker Stands:

Naturally, there are also some downsides to double-decker exhibition stand to be aware of:

Higher Costs-

Compared to standard configurations double-decker designs require more raw materials, engineering, and graphics production. There are also increased transport, installation, and dismantling fees given the added complexity.

Cost estimates range from 50-100% more per square meter versus single-level solutions. While the benefits are substantial, companies must be sure their investment will be returned through leads and sales at the event.

More Challenging Logistics-

As double-decker structures are much larger and heavier, transportation and on-site handling require more careful planning. Cranes or heavy lifting equipment may be necessary for installation which adds complexity and fees.

Consideration must also be given to venue weight limits and floor load capacities. Organizations need to coordinate well in advance with their exhibition stand builder, freight forwarder, and show management.

Accessibility Concerns-

Stand staff who are not able-bodied may struggle to navigate stairs or elevated areas. Attendees with mobility issues also face challenges reaching the second level.

Exhibitors should ensure their stand design adheres to accessibility guidelines with ramps or lifts as needed to be fully inclusive.

Fire regulations regarding maximum occupancy may also constrain how the upper level can be used.

Weather Vulnerability-

Outdoor and partial outdoor exhibits require double-decker structures to be weather-proofed against rain, snow, sunlight exposure, and wind stresses. Temporary roofing, screening, and additional bracing add to costs and weight but are necessary investments for durability under all conditions.

Indoor exhibits have less risk but companies must still protect electronic assets and furnishings from dust and vibration during transport. 

Is It Worth It?

Considering the substantial benefits but also the extra price tag and logistical complexities of double-decker exhibition stands, is the investment ultimately worthwhile? For most companies, the answer depends greatly on event objectives and available budget:

  • For large corporations looking to make a major branding statement at flagship trade shows or exhibitions with tens of thousands of attendees, the visibility and impact returns on a double-decker structure are well worth the premium outlay. To dominate the competition it can be the best option.
  • For medium-sized businesses targeting international or global events, a striking double-decker presence cements their position as an industry leader and elevates their profile with overseas customers. Most of the time the leads and deals generated exceed incremental costs.
  • Startups and small businesses marketing on a tight budget may see diminished returns, as their resources could be better spent on other marketing channels beyond just the exhibition stand construction itself. A well-designed single-level structure can still stand out effectively if combined with engaging staff, demonstrations, and giveaways.
  • Companies with complex technical product demos highly benefit from the room afforded by double decks to illustrate solutions in-depth without crowding.
  • Exhibiting frequently at multiple shows per year means costs are amortized over time, increasing the profitability of a larger reusable stand system compared to single-use rental booths.

Overall, on the exhibition floor double-decker exhibition unquestionably enhances exposure, experiences, and branding impact. However, companies must analyze event goals, audience profiles, and budget practicalities to determine if the premium is matched by sufficient lead potential and sales upside.

The carefully planned double-decker brings immense returns – when used strategically by exhibitors knowing it best suits their unique objectives and capabilities. A smart single-level design may prove equally effective for others.


Compared to regular single-level configurations, Double Decker Exhibition Stand Design offer unparalleled visibility, space, experiences, and opportunities to immerse visitors within a brand. However, their larger construction comes at significantly elevated costs that not all exhibitors can justify given specific event goals and budgets.

Companies must weigh the substantial benefits like high-impact branding, valuable lead generation potential, and exposure against the investments in time, money, and logistics required from a double-decker solution.

Best Double Decker Exhibition Stands Builder:

For large multinational corporations regularly attending flagship industry events, or those reliant on in-depth product demonstrations, the advantages are often worth bearing. But smaller firms or those operating on constrained means may see greater returns from clever single-level designs and personnel interactions on less infrastructure outlay.

In the end, determining if double-decker stands are a worthwhile investment depends on accurately aligning exhibit objectives to audience profile, trade show scale, and available resources for each unique company situation. With a perfect mix of planning, functionality, marketing, and affordability, both setups can deliver exhibit success.

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