With digitalization, every company seeks to ensure its presence on social media. However, it is not enough to be there, you have to be able to carve out a place for yourself to have a return on investment. It is, therefore, essential to create engagement within your community on social media, which is complex. In this article, we give you five tips that can help you increase the engagement rate on your different social networks.

By definition, social media refers to all services allowing the development of conversations and social interactions on the internet or in a mobile situation. We therefore distinguish between social media for networking ( LinkedIn, Viadeo ), sharing ( Facebook, Instagram ), discussion ( Skype, Zoom ), collaboration ( Trello ), publication ( WordPress, Blogspot ), etc.

When we implement a strategy on social media to make our brand or business known, it is not enough to create an account on a platform. You must be present by posting frequently and strategically to engage and grow the audience.

Remember that in a previous article, we mentioned the 5first tips for creating engagement, which are :

Define the preferred social media,

Define a clear editorial line

Adopt a short and clear writing style

Publish regularly and when appropriate

Respond to user comments

1- Thank the fans

Another critical point that makes big brands successful is focusing on emotional impact. You have to find opportunities to celebrate your subscribers because they are the ones who contribute to the longevity of your pages.

Whether it’s a new subscriber, a share, or something similar, we must find an opportunity to liven up the platform with each click of Internet users. Not only is it a way to generate their engagement but also to humanize your brand. To do this, thank them through a post, a photo, a video… Naturally, new subscribers will be more inclined to consult your publications click here.

You must celebrate the fans and make them understand that you don’t exist without them. However, you must avoid falling into derision. here are some tips that can be useful: name the new people who follow you, like and thank the shares, invite “superfans” to your premises, tag a fan, etc.… So that this technique works, you should always make a call to action at the end of your publications.

2- Prioritize visual content

Social media favors short formats. What could be better than focusing on images and videos? In reality, photos and videos are more effective than words. This precisely gave rise to the birth of social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok…

On visual content, you have the possibility of storytelling, supporting your identity (logo, color), and offering play areas… It should be noted that individuals process visuals 60 times faster than text. Also, they have great emotional power, which helps attract attention and contribute to memorizing messages.

Therefore, to truly achieve your objectives, you need to opt for a consistent color code, avoid poor-quality images, choose content that is easy to understand, use different types and formats, integrate a call-to-action, focus on emotions, respect the rules of design, adapting to the publication platform…

3- Start discussions on current events to create engagement on social media

Beyond offering exciting social media content, initiating discussions with subscribers is also necessary. To do this, there is nothing like a current topic to create engagement, arouse their curiosity, and push them to ask themselves to what extent they need to know more about a particular subject.

This is an opportunity to open a debate and not to give your judgment. What matters is showing that you are a brand responsive to current events. By talking about current events, you offer the flexibility of your brand. You’re not just stuck in a purely commercial relationship with your audience.

To do this, you must adapt your speech to each situation. If, for example, a tragic event has occurred, express your support without overdoing it. If, on the other hand, the event is rather joyful, you will also have to adopt festive language.

4- Focus on the hashtag

It is possible to escape this music symbol if you are active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Indeed, the hashtag helps you develop your digital presence and creates strong and targeted engagement with your subscribers.

It associates the “#” and a keyword and allows users to access content referring to this keyword without necessarily being a “friend” or “follower” of the person using it. However, its use is trivialized and found on all social media.

Furthermore, no matter how many you post under a publication, what predominates is its visibility. If it is an expression of 2, 3, or 4 words, it is preferable to capitalize at the beginning of each term. The text will thus be much more readable and more understandable for the reader.

5- Create an active community

Social media offers a thousand and one opportunities to revitalize your community, and there is no shortage of options. With the many holidays throughout the year, take advantage of each one to create original content that will increase your notoriety and engagement.

Also, be creative all the time so you have an active community. Since your members have a common interest, they will enjoy sharing with others. This will increase your audience and your e-reputation.

Also, encourage your subscribers to interact as often as possible. Without being a clown, you sometimes have to make entertaining posts to bring fun to your community. You can choose between games, competitions, and funny images to develop good humor and be close to your community.

These simple tips will allow you to engage and increase your followers on social media. These help build trust among your audience and their respect for your brand and, therefore, create conversion.

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