Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has continued to grow and constantly reinvent itself. More and more brands are joining the platform, and they all have a common goal: keeping their community engaged.

However, pro accounts on Instagram grow slower than traditional accounts. They only see an average of 1.69% monthly subscriber growth, which can seem very slow. Some techniques, like buying fake followers, can help increase this percentage, but it is guaranteed that these people will not interact with your content.

What is engagement, and why is it essential?

When your community interacts with your content, whether a like, comment, share, video view, or DM, it counts as engagement.

While there is no universal way to measure engagement on Instagram, a common way is to average the likes and comments per post and divide it by the total number of followers. You can also consider views, DMs, etc. if they are critical metrics for your business.

If your content has a reasonable engagement rate, it shows that your community likes it. But you also need to be able to reach people who don’t yet follow you. How do you reach them and encourage them to follow you while interacting with your content?

Here are ten effective ways to generate real followers and engagement on Instagram.

1. Optimize your bio

Located below your username, your bio is essential. Most people who visit your profile look at it before browsing your content. It is in your best interest to use the 150 characters available to you.

Here’s how to write an engaging bio:

Write a concise description of what you do.

Use your brand voice – your brand’s voice- to add a touch of personality.

A short link.

Your Instagram bio is the equivalent of your website’s homepage: it should immediately indicate that this is your brand’s real account, where you actively post content check now.

Add your logo in high resolution to your profile. Replace bullet points with a few emojis if they fit your brand’s style, but do what is necessary.

Your link in your bio is the only way to get people to visit your website or page, so use it wisely. Instead of constantly redirecting to your home page, you can change the link whenever you want to promote an event, highlight a new product launch, or even attract visitors when you publish a blog post.

You can also include a hashtag you created that will represent you and tell your community which hashtag to add in the description of their posts to get your attention. When someone clicks on the hashtag, they will find content generated by your community.

2. Find the best time to post your content on Instagram

We stress your content – ​​some people will give you specific times and days to get the best engagement and visibility.

But in reality, there is no universal answer to the question, “When is the best time to post on Instagram?”. It would help if you experimented with different posting days and times to determine the best times for your community and niche.

Luckily, Instagram makes it easy. Use Instagram Insights – Instagram statistics, available directly on the mobile app, to learn more about your followers (age group, gender, most active times, etc.) and your performance.

On your business profile, click on the “Insights” button, click on “Total Followers”, then choose the date range you want. Scrolling down the page, you’ll find the times your followers are most active, along with other essential information.

Next, think about when your content will be most relevant. For example, a short video of a sports workout may generate more interest outside of work hours because this will typically be when people will be doing sports activities.

In addition to using Instagram Insights, we recommend researching your audience’s behaviour. For example, you can check your competitors’ posting times and engagement rates and directly ask your audience what they prefer regarding social media.

Once you’ve found the times that work for you, use social media scheduling tools to plan, schedule and automate your Instagram posts and get detailed analytics reports on your content’s performance.

3. Post regularly

A study of 14 industries suggests that, on average, businesses share four Instagram posts per week. Aiming for this number is a good start.

But ultimately, the more you post, the more followers you will have. You will probably get better results if you publish one post per day. Indeed, publishing as much content as possible gives you more visibility and leaves more chances for your content to be shared.

That said, focus on quality over quantity. Always strive for quality for the sole purpose of publishing every day. Instagram is a visual platform, so take the time to create beautiful images rather than posting mundane, unattractive photos.

In short, establish a publishing schedule allowing you to publish quality content at least 4-5 times weekly. Once you gain popularity, try moving to one post per day.

And above all, remember to vary your content. Over the years, the platform has evolved with new ways to share content like Stories, classic videos and Reels. Take, for example, Instagram Reels, one of Instagram’s most recent features that continues to be highlighted by the platform.

Since its launch, Reels have taken up a good portion of the Explore page and appear more prominent than typical photo posts. With over 200 million people visiting the Explore page daily, this extra visual space can significantly increase your visibility.

Experimenting with multiple content formats allows you to reach different audience segments (and gain more followers), helps you develop content ideas, and stays consistent.

4. Get to know the Instagram algorithm

Although you can find full-fledged guides to know how the Instagram algorithm works, we can already tell you that these six indicators heavily influence it:

Interest: whether the user has interacted with this type of content.

News: when the post was published.

Relationship: if the user regularly interacts with the brand.

Usage frequency: whether the user frequently opens the app

Subscriptions: if the user follows multiple accounts with the same activity/content type.

Session Duration: How long the user spends on Instagram.

The algorithm strives to highlight content the user likes, making them as engaged as possible. The more engagement you can generate (likes, comments and shares), the more likely your latest content will be visible and discovered by potential followers. Start conversations (see the Knix example ) with your posts and respond to comments.

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