CenturyPly comes with firewall technology inculcated in them which makes them a superb option to be used in the home d├ęcor. The kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc., should be made with plywood having this firewall technology so that no major accidents due to fire take place in the future. The furnishing of the house must be done with wood having firewall technology inculcated within them so that in the future if any tragedy occurs, fire doesn’t spread quickly and can be controlled quickly before serious destruction takes place.

People usually fear the use of plywood in home furnishing because of the ability of wood to quickly catch fire and spread into nearby areas. This limits the time for rescue, and serious destruction occurs. Especially in residential areas, the use of plywood in major parts of the house might bring big consequences if sometimes it catches fire. To get rid of this problem, CenturyPly has introduced plywood with firewall technology.

Firewall technology safeguards the plywood against fire. It extends the time for the plywood to catch fire and burn. Also, the plywood infused with the firewall technology can extinguish fire on them easily and hence do not burn themselves. It is a must to incorporate plywood made with firewall technology in modern furnishing to protect your residential and commercial space from fire accidents.

Reasons to Choose Firewall-Protected Plywood for Renovations

If you are thinking of renovating your space, then make sure to use plywood infused with firewall technology. The following are some reasons to choose plywood having firewall technology:

  • Complete protection

Renovating your house with firewall technology reduces the risk of damage to the house by fire accidents. Plywood having firewall technology should be especially used in the kitchen because this area is the most susceptible to catching fire. Other areas should also be safeguarded with firewall technology to ensure maximum safety. Fire retardant plywood protects the house and offices against fire efficiently.

  • Reduced penetration

Plywood having firewall technology does not let fire penetrate them easily. It takes a few minutes for the fire to get inside plywood having firewall technology and burn it. This increases the time for rescue. Till the time fire penetrated the plywood, rescue would have already been done. The firewall technology is not only applied on the surface but inside each grain of wood in the plywood. This makes the plywood stronger from the core, and no serious damage is caused to it by the fire. Firewall technology secures the wood by lowering its flammability and prevents the damage that might occur to it if it catches fire.

  • Less smoke emission

Plywood having firewall technology does not emit toxic smoke upon burning. One of the major reasons for casualties during fire accidents is suffocation due to the emission of toxic gases. Also, the quantity of gases released is less than from the usual plywood, further reducing the chance of suffocation due to fire.

  • Confer strength and durability

Plywood infused with firewall technology is strong and durable. The adhesives used for installing the firewall strengthen the plywood and make it more durable. It is also observed that even after facing serious fire mishaps, the strength and durability of the plywood is not affected much. Even after getting into a fire accident, the structure of the plywood tends to remain intact and does not require replacement.

If you are going to renovate your residential or commercial, then it is your sign to go for plywood protected with firewall technology. CenturyPly ensures the best quality firewall-protected plywood.

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