10 Under-the-Radar Cloud Service Features That Will Surprise You10 Under-the-Radar Cloud Service Features That Will Surprise You

With cloud servers, you expect reliable performance, scalability, and flexibility. But there’s a whole world of hidden features just waiting to be unlocked within your cloud provider’s platform. Did you know that beyond the basic virtual server instances, there are dozens of integrated services, automation tools, and global infrastructure capabilities at your fingertips? 

Whether you’re just starting out or have been using cloud services for years, these deep dives will help you optimize your environment, boost your productivity, and spend less while achieving more. 

In this blog, we’ll uncover 10 under-the-radar cloud server capabilities that could seriously upgrade your workflow. Buckle up as we take your cloud experience to the next level!

1. You’ve Got More Storage Muscle Than You Realize

Storage is at the core of any cloud deployment, and you’ve likely already noticed the generous starting volumes available on basic virtual server instances. But did you know your cloud provider offers so much more than the standard block storage volumes? 

  • One feature that often flies under the radar is elastic block storage, which lets you flex your storage capacity independently from your compute resources. 
  • With elastic block storage, you can attach additional storage on the fly as your needs grow without having to provision new servers.
  • For large-scale storage needs, check out options like cloud service gateways that seamlessly bridge on-premises storage infrastructure and the cloud. 
  • Now you can use low-cost object storage tiers to archive terabytes or even petabytes of long-term data while retaining fast local access to the files. 
  • And with massive scalability across multiple regions, it’s easy to see how cloud storage can outperform on-prem storage systems.
  • Don’t forget about the different storage types, either. In addition to block and file storage, cloud object storage provides a scalable solution for unstructured data like images, videos, and backups. 
  • With features like object locking, lifecycle policies, and cross-region replication, your valuable data remains highly available and durable. And with APIs for all major programming languages, your applications can easily integrate with any storage tier based on data type and access patterns. 

The bottom line is that your cloud computing provider gives you way more storage muscle than you realize, so start flexing it today!

2. Serverless Can Lift Development Loads Off Your Plate

It’s called serverless, but don’t be fooled—it’s anything but simple. Under the hood, serverless computing does the heavy lifting by automatically provisioning and managing servers in response to triggers from events like HTTP requests. This means you don’t have to worry about managing servers; just focus on writing code. Serverless computing is perfect for building web and mobile backends, batch jobs, online media processing, and more.

3. Networking Ninjitsu for Flawless App Deployment

With multiple IP addresses, elastic network interfaces, and sophisticated routing and filtering, your cloud computing network game is strong. Leverage features like private networking for seamless internal app communication. Or create network address translation (NAT) gateways to selectively route traffic between VPCs and on-prem networks. For high availability, auto-scale your network load balancers and application load balancers. With the right network configuration, you’ll deploy apps like a pro.

4. Database Diversification for Any Workload

Cloud databases give you the freedom to choose the right database for each job. Whether you need a fully-managed database like Aurora, a scalable NoSQL document store, a petabyte-scale data warehouse, or a cache to speed up queries, you’ll find the perfect database to fuel your application. Flex your database selection with features like read replicas, cross-region reads, and on-demand scaling. Your apps will have the database support they need.

5. Accelerate Delivery with Pre-Packaged Solutions

Want an opinionated configuration of servers, software and services for popular applications? Look to cloud services solutions like AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Azure App Service, or Google App Engine. These platform-as-a-service offerings let you deploy full-stack web apps with just a few clicks. Or go serverless with AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, or Google Cloud Functions. Pre-integrated solutions help you focus on code instead of infrastructure setup.

6. Security Smarts Protect You at Every Layer

Peace of mind comes standard with cloud security. Features like dedicated hardware security modules guard your keys and certificates. Network access controls isolate sensitive systems. Identity Federation integrates on-prem Active Directory for seamless SSO. Encrypt data at rest and in transit with AES-256. For compliance, audit logs track all API calls. And don’t forget security from the start, with features to detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

7. Automation Accelerates Operations to Hyperspeed

With infrastructure as code, you define and provision all your cloud resources, networks, and dependencies through code. And with configuration management tools, you can define standardized environments across multiple accounts and regions. Automation is the future, and your cloud services make it easy.

8. Cost Optimization Tuned for Every Budget

Whether you’re just starting out or have big production workloads, cloud pricing models have you covered. Reserved instances let you pre-pay for capacity and save up to 75% compared to on-demand rates. Savings plans offer even lower prices in exchange for a 1- or 3-year commitment. Detailed billing reports help you track usage and costs. And cost allocation tags organize charges for easier budgeting across teams and projects. With the right strategies, you’ll pay less than you ever imagined possible.

9. Global Reach Spans Every Time Zone

With cloud regions worldwide, your applications are always close to users. But don’t stop there; leverage cross-region features too. Replicate databases globally with read replicas. Distribute static websites worldwide using a single domain name. And integrate on-premises systems seamlessly into your cloud services environment across vast distances. No matter where your users and teams are located, you’ll provide a seamless experience from the cloud.

10. Continuous Optimization Never Stops

New features emerge constantly as your cloud provider innovates. Whether it’s deeper integrations with AI/ML services, new compute instances, management tools, or even entirely new services, your cloud environment evolves along with new technologies. Leverage features on the horizon like confidential computing, which runs encrypted workloads for ultimate security. And don’t forget about the thriving ecosystem of third-party tools and marketplace services. Your cloud services journey has endless possibilities ahead.

In Conclusion

The cloud gives you far more than just servers. It’s a whole toolbox of integrated services, automation tools, global infrastructure, and continuous innovation. Now that you know where to look, unlock the hidden powers of your cloud for more agility, security, and savings than ever before. The features above are just the beginning; keep exploring to take your cloud game to the next level.

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